Annual General Meeting – Nov 24 7:30PM (Virtual)

Dear Corunna Soccer Families,

2021 was quite an exciting season given some of the changes and challenges we saw this summer. We were excited to be able to put on a season for everyone to enjoy!

Please accept this notification as our intent to hold our Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM) on November 24th at 7:30pm.

If you’re interested in attending virtually, please let us know by emailing by November 22nd. At that point in time, you will be emailed a link to join the meeting on the 24th.

We thank you for your time and support and we look forward to our 2022 season

Thank you,
Corunna Soccer Club

End of Season Message

Hello Corunna Soccer Community,

To all our participants, “Thank You” for a great season. We hope you all enjoyed your 2021 soccer season .

We would like to thank our volunteers, referees, club members, sponsors, parents and players for a memorable soccer season . Without all of your support, on the field or behind the scenes, it would not have been as successful as a season as it was.

We look forward to our next outdoor season in 2022. At this time, we do not believe it’s possible to host our indoor league over the winter season but we would like to try again next year as we know it’s of great value to our players!

If anyone is interested in volunteering with the organization, please reach out to for more information.

Have a great rest of the year and we will see you next year on the field.

Thank you,

Corunna Soccer Club 

Note from the President

To Our Corunna Community,

We are excited to be days away from a long-awaited season to start to play and feel a bit more normal.

We are all looking forward to sharing this experience in a positive way. There are a few things that are not going to be 100% perfect post pandemic. We hope you continue with your patience, flexibility and support as we start up and push for a very successful fun season.

We require a lot of volunteers to make this program successful and I have been doing this a long time here in Corunna. I have had many roles and multiple ones at the same time over the past 15 plus years with the Corunna soccer club. I can assure you that without the volunteers, like my committee now and all their hard work, all of this would not be possible.

We, as a committee, are:

  • A President 
  • A Vice president
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer, Registrar and Webmaster (one person performing 3 roles)
  • Conveners for each age division (many positions above are also performing the convener roles)

I would like to give them a big ‘Thank You’ shout out to Corunna Soccer Club Committee.

To give you some background, these committee members have many roles and have families of their own. In most cases, their own kids have passed through the years as players in our club and exited after divisions were no longer available for their age. Even though the committee members do not have active youth in the program, they continue to volunteer to ensure the youth of today have somewhere to play. This commitment keeps our soccer club running.

We do multiple roles at one time whether it’s being a convener, acquiring coaches’ equipment, maintenance of equipment,  deliveries, coordinate schedules, recruit other coaches etc.. the list goes on.

We understand everyone has busy lives and work schedules however we do need volunteers to help. We always look to our community for support. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping out.

We will also be running low on Referees/leads this year as a post pandemic has not allowed for regular certification. Our Leaders this year will be volunteering and multi-tasking. I remind you all that these community youth are just that, members of our community and need to be treated respectfully. If we do not have a referee for scheduled game, we ask that you help support and direct the game as needed. We will do our best to keep our convenors informed as best as possible when a game will go without a support lead.

Thank you

President of Corunna Soccer and the Hard-Working Committee

Kicking Off 2021 Season!

To our Soccer Family,

We hope everyone is staying cool with this heat wave. We want to thank you all for your continued support and understanding as we push forward towards our 2021 season. We are very excited to be back in action as we are sure our players are too.

Due to the challenges that presented themselves with COVID and registration numbers being on the decline this year, we’ve had to completely reorganize the age groups. We feel that this was the best alternative to keeping our players and games local to Corunna.

The revised structure is as follows:

U6 Division (Boys and Girls) – Birth years 2015-2017 

Dates/Times: Tuesday nights starting at 6:15-7:00pm 

Location: Large fields at CAP (Corunna athletic Park) Colborne St Entrance

U9 Division – Birth years 2012-2014 

Dates/Times: Monday and Wednesday nights starting at 7:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Girl’s at CAP (Corunna athletic park) at Queens St entrance, Boy’s at Parkdale Park Corunna 

U13 Division COED – Birth years 2008-2011 

Dates/Times: Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 7:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Parkdale Park Corunna

Schedules for the age groups will be posted later this week game nights will be starting July 12th through August 31

In the next few days, we will be working very hard to ensure we are able to start next week (July 12). Some of our supplies may still be in transportation but we would still like to see everyone out on your start date ready to kick a ball around meet the coach and team players. As uniforms and supplies arrive, we will get them to you as quickly as we can.

This week our volunteer convenors will be reaching out to our parents to help recruit some volunteer coaches for our teams.

Please continue to monitor the website up until the start night of your player to stay informed of any new information regarding the 2021 soccer season.

As well, please navigate the website for field locations and to keep informed on the inclement weather policy.

Thank You 

Corunna Soccer

6/28/2021 – UPDATE – 2021 Soccer Season

To Our Soccer Community, 

We appreciate your on-going patience and understanding.

Ontario Soccer has allowed us the go ahead as we head into Phase 2.

However, we are awaiting on the approval of Lambton Public Health. In the meantime, we are proceeding with organizing our start to play.

Our tentative start date will be the week of July 12th. We will keep you posted!

Thank you 

Corunna Soccer

2021 Outdoor Season Update!

To Our Soccer Family, 

We are appreciative of your support and interest in us offering our soccer program for the 2021 season. 

The executive is in good spirits as we transition into Step 1 with the province’s reopening plan and are grateful that it started ahead of schedule. This gives us a glimpse of hope that we will proceed to Step 2 which will allow our program to function with our new guidelines and procedures stipulated by the province and Ontario Soccer, our governing body. Please note that if Step 2 proceeds on or before July 15th, we are looking to jump right into our 2021 season. Should we not proceed due to the province’s direction, we will have to close our season for another year at which point we will be in touch with you.

Whichever way this season proceeds, we continue to ask you for your patience and understanding as we sort out our new guidelines, decisions and its process. 

We again Thank You all for all of your support and loyalty to the sport of soccer and our club.


Corunna Soccer 

Corunna Soccer 2021 Season Update

Corunna Soccer Community,

We hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather and staying safe.

We are patiently waiting for updates from the province regarding our 2021 soccer season and when team sports can resume. 

As mentioned at the start of registration, we appreciate your patience going forward as we navigate this new normal.

Our intentions are to keep you updated as soon as we have more information to share.

Thank you,

Corunna Soccer