Note from the President

To Our Corunna Community,

We are excited to be days away from a long-awaited season to start to play and feel a bit more normal.

We are all looking forward to sharing this experience in a positive way. There are a few things that are not going to be 100% perfect post pandemic. We hope you continue with your patience, flexibility and support as we start up and push for a very successful fun season.

We require a lot of volunteers to make this program successful and I have been doing this a long time here in Corunna. I have had many roles and multiple ones at the same time over the past 15 plus years with the Corunna soccer club. I can assure you that without the volunteers, like my committee now and all their hard work, all of this would not be possible.

We, as a committee, are:

  • A President 
  • A Vice president
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer, Registrar and Webmaster (one person performing 3 roles)
  • Conveners for each age division (many positions above are also performing the convener roles)

I would like to give them a big ‘Thank You’ shout out to Corunna Soccer Club Committee.

To give you some background, these committee members have many roles and have families of their own. In most cases, their own kids have passed through the years as players in our club and exited after divisions were no longer available for their age. Even though the committee members do not have active youth in the program, they continue to volunteer to ensure the youth of today have somewhere to play. This commitment keeps our soccer club running.

We do multiple roles at one time whether it’s being a convener, acquiring coaches’ equipment, maintenance of equipment,  deliveries, coordinate schedules, recruit other coaches etc.. the list goes on.

We understand everyone has busy lives and work schedules however we do need volunteers to help. We always look to our community for support. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping out.

We will also be running low on Referees/leads this year as a post pandemic has not allowed for regular certification. Our Leaders this year will be volunteering and multi-tasking. I remind you all that these community youth are just that, members of our community and need to be treated respectfully. If we do not have a referee for scheduled game, we ask that you help support and direct the game as needed. We will do our best to keep our convenors informed as best as possible when a game will go without a support lead.

Thank you

President of Corunna Soccer and the Hard-Working Committee